You provide the best meals, we provide the ecosystem

Wether you’re an individual looking to kickstart your first micro-food business or an established brand to expand your reach with a mobile micro-kitchen fleet, we’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive turnkey solution will help you get going (and keep going) in as little time and fuss as possible, so you can focus on what you do best — making the best meal on the streets.

Outpos will do these

Aggregate independent, isolated and outdated street food cart vendors onto a unified platform and upgrade their wares.

Upskill operators and integrate them directly into a trusted supply chain and digital ecosystem to be part of the larger modern economy.

All this while preserving the street food culture and celebrating the unique identity of each individual merchants

The StreetSmartCart™

We’ve reimagined the good ol’ street food cart from the ground up to ensure a more operational sound and hygienic mode of operations even on the streets. Brand owners can now take their business to the streets to enjoy better visibility through a more cost effective mobile retail network but without compromising on operational standards or brand integrity.

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The Central Kitchen

We aim to transform single-location cart owners with a winning recipe into a recognisable brand. We will provide space and expertise to produce your recipe in a more scalable, consistent and hygienic way to be redistributed by our network of street food vendors.

Digitalisation & Ecosystem Integration

Stay rooted with heritage but be liberated with technology. Monitor and manage your business digitally while enabling new means of monitization through deep integration with modern services such as digital payments and delivery platforms.

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For Recipe Owners and Food Manufacturers

You want to create scalable, consumer-facing brand and launch a franchisable concept.

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